The Clement Podcast

Episode 8: Jailhouse Rock

February 02, 2023 Zach Kinslow & Jasmin Brand Season 1 Episode 8
The Clement Podcast
Episode 8: Jailhouse Rock
Show Notes

Join Zach and Jasmin as they discuss the fascinating story of a doo-wop group that formed from within the walls of the Tennessee State Penitentiary, The Prisonaires. Best known for their hit "Just Walkin' in the Rain," released by Sun Records in 1953, The Prisonaires inspired the likes of Elivs, Bobby Hebb, Hank Williams, and dozens of musical artists. 

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Just Walkin' in the Rain - The Prisonaires
Just Walking in the Rain - Johnnie Ray
Rolling Stone - The Marigolds
What About Clement? - The Prisonaires 

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